Summer・Pastry Gems

SS Bar

Created with the utmost precision and highest craftsmanship, our unique theatrical galaxy scene sets the stage for an otherworldly dining experience. At the entrance, a clever arrangement of 540 handcrafted titanium tubes guides you into a mysterious universe for an otherworldly dining experience. Centered around the theme of 'The Origin of Cosmic Life,' the bar unfolds into three distinct spaces: the Cocktail Bar - resembling an immersive spaceship navigating the cosmos; the artfully curated Semi-private Booth - representing the celestial artistry of the universe; and the luxurious VVIP Booth – metaphorically alluding to the clandestine caves symbolizing the origin of human life. These private and sophisticated spaces create an ideal realm for inspiration and contemplation. Available for exclusive bookings of private dining rooms for 16, 20, 25 guests or full buyouts, the restaurant is equipped with a 55-inch TV, HDMI cable, presentation pointer, and customized catering solutions, ensuring all your requirements are met.





Customized service

Our team is dedicated to providing support that aligns with your needs. Each space is equipped with high-speed internet and adjustable lighting, and we are committed to delivering tailored services.